How Do We Find The Right Solution For You

In order to make sure that we provide the best service possible and give you the options that are the most economical for you, we have put together a multi-step in take process to ensure that you are given all the options best suited to your situation.  Everyone has different needs, so making sure that your needs are properly met is our number one priority.  If you are building a complicated web app with mobile functionality, you are going to require a far different set of skills than a local pizza shop with 1 location and only needs a static site with a submission form to take orders online.  The scope of the project, the time required to complete it, the number of people on the team handling your case, and the cost will all be greatly influenced by the requirements of your project.


Intake – Determining Your Needs

This is by far the most important step of the process when it comes to taking your dreams to reality.  First and foremost, we need to determine the scope of the project.  The biggest determining factor will likely be whether your site or app requires static content or dynamic content.  If information is constantly changing and reliant on the specific logged in user then you will be looking at dynamic content that requires much more time and expertise to finish.  On the other hand, if you have a local business and most of the information is static like address, phone number, etc. then a simple static site with a contact form is all you need and we can put together a plan that is much more cost effective than something that requires things like user logins, security, storing user data, etc.



putting together a bid

The next step in our process will be focused on putting together a couple proposals for you to look at.  We like to provide 2-3 different proposals.  So if you have a complicated web app with 2 core features and 3 extra features, we will typically put together a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) proposal, a proposal including all the features discussed at the intake, and a last proposal of something in the middle of the previous two.  We will also provide a recommendation as to which proposal we think is the best for your personal situation, but the decision is ultimately yours when it comes to how to move forward.  Various factors will drive what bid we recommend the most including if it is a completely new product, how important is releasing it quickly, and budget.  If you are working with a completely new product we almost always recommend the MVP proposal.  This will be the cheapest option of the bids sent to you and its purpose is to test the market to see if what you are asking us to build will be supported by the market.  There is no sense in spending more than you need to on a product that isn’t viable.  We will also recommend this same proposal if time is of the essence.  This will be the fastest to get the product live and if that is the most important thing at the moment then clearly the minimum viable product is the way to get it live as quickly as possible.  Lastly, budget constraints can act as a clear cap on the project and if other proposals are outside your budget we will obviously help you find a solution that fits your budgetary needs, if possible.  Financing is also a possible solution to pay for a new product.  If you have poor credit we recommend a Phoenix based company offering credit repair services nationwide.


Building the Project

Building the project

After a proposal has been accepted and the appropriate down payment has been made we will begin creation of the project.  We will set up increments along the way of the project for you to get together with the team assigned to your project to look at the current progress of the work and to talk about any changes that need to be made before going forward.  Doing it this way keeps our clients heavily involved with the process and avoids the huge change orders that can take place when you go long periods of time without communication with the client.  Our goal is to talk about the current and future scope of the project with our clients every week or two.  This timetable has been the most effective in making sure our team has enough time to build the product without keeping the client out of the loop for too long.